Essay A Research Study On Nursing Research

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Nursing research plays an integral role of influencing current and future practitioners, thus, making it an important education component to consider. Apart from being one of the fast-evolving disciplines, there are new and emerging responsibilities that nurses are required to handle. Some of them include home healthcare, business sector, the laboratory and the community health department. Although these settings have different responsibilities, the primary role of the nurses is to act as advocates to the clients and ensure that optimal care is provided. Therefore, nursing research is quite important because it facilitates the growth and expansion of the field, hence optimal care.
Advocating for Research in Nursing
There are several ways in which one can make contributions in order to influence one’s colleagues to become consumers of the nursing research. First, it may involve ensuring that his/her colleagues understand the nature of research and how it influences the nursing practice. Second, the colleagues should be informed of the importance of the research done. This provides a platform for them to make changes or even improve their skills in the nursing practice. Third, evidence based approaches should also be incorporated in order to give the colleagues a clear understanding of why they should be consumers of nursing research.
Research findings consist of the best evidence that favors the patient’s preferences and also involves the necessary resources in order to come…

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