A Research Study On Love And Research Essay

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Love and Research
First Date. Those two words alone might have made you reminisce about some very awkward situations you might have suffered through or maybe even some pleasant ones. If I had the opportunity I would focus my research on the difference between how people react with the opposite sex in a dyad situation, then in a large group setting and go in-depth to find why or why not that behavior changes. I would utilize field research and surveying to get general data then based on those results go deeper with focus groups and personal in-depth interviews. After all these findings it is important for myself and anyone that preforms research pertaining to any subject that they write out their findings in a literature review so others can either try to repeat the experiment for validity, to review it themselves if they did anything incorrectly, and to simply inform others of their findings. A literature in particular that interests me is “Cognition”, published by Elsevier B.V. in the abstract it explains how other scientists debate on how well the human brain can make decisions and statistical choices. I believe humans will never stop trying to find answers about themselves and the world around them.
There are many social aspects that interest me, however I’ve always been interested in opposite sex interactions. For heterosexual men, even as young boys, women have always inadvertently caused us to act differently around them; alone, and in group settings. In my personal…

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