A Research Study On Learning Outcomes Essays

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This chapter presents the survey of literature and studies related to the nature, purposes and variables considered in this research endeavour which will provide a theoretical and conceptual basis or justification of the study.

According to Shirley Lesch of George Brown College - Learning outcomes are statements that describe significant and essential learning that learners have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate at the end of a course or program. In other words, learning outcomes identify what the learner will know and be able to do.
The Department of Education had established the K to 12 curriculum wich is an outcome-based learning approach. The teachers were given free tranings and workshops that will help them become the so called 21st century educators. The learnig outcomes of the students will be assessed by their teair teacher who serves as facilitators inside the classroom. As teachers, we tend to look for the most effective ways our students can learn because our goal is for them to learn what they need to learn so they can apply them in their future endeavour. The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) site stated that Student Learning Outcomes catalog the overarching "products" of the course and are the evidence that the goals or objectives were achieved. Learning Outcomes are statements that describe or list measurable and essential mastered content-knowledge—reflecting skills, competencies, and knowledge that students have…

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