A Research Study On Interdisciplinary Teamwork Essay

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The most recent example of interdisciplinary teamwork that I have learned about is a policy that was explained to me during my preceptorship. The policy calls for weekly interdisciplinary rounds where nurses talk about their patients to a team that includes a physician, respiratory therapist, dietitian, and any other member of the health care team. The purpose of the weekly rounds is to evaluate the patient 's progress and to adjust and coordinate their care accordingly. This practice is beneficial because it allows all members of the healthcare team to stay up to date on all aspects of care. I believe that being familiar with all aspects of care can aid in making better decisions for the patients. The only negative things I can think of with this practice are the possible increase in paperwork and on a personal note, increased anxiety for the health care worker leading the rounds. Teamwork is not an easy feat, which is why I believe it is a quality that makes employees stand out. I’d say it’s challenging to be part of a team, more so if there is a lack of team players; when that is the case it can become overwhelming and counterproductive.
While in class and during clinical rotations teamwork can be very beneficial or it can be hindering to a student’s learning. During clinical it has been common practice to partner up and share a patient. As new nursing students it can be helpful because it may decrease the anxiety of meeting new patients. On the other hand, it…

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