A Research Study On Human Growth And Development Essay

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There are many professional researches and studies that have been conducted to find out more insight in regards to why humans behave as they progress through life. Psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, contextual, and evolutionary perspective are the six major theoretical perspectives that have influenced lifespan development. Distinct theories and the developmental stages will be discussed throughout this paper from a personal point of view and provide insight on how various factors have contributed to the development process thus far in life. Spiritual development will be discussed from the earliest memory and will expand into early adulthood, which is the current state of development. Human growth and development varies from person to person and what works for one person will not necessarily be beneficial for another. The development of different generations and the various influences encountered all play a part in the overall progression of an individual throughout the lifespan from birth and beyond.

Developmental Analysis
Human growth and development encompasses the growth and changes that one experiences during the course of life. Physical development, cognitive development, personality development, and social development are the main areas of development that are affected as the different stages of life, from conception and throughout the life span. There are various influences that play a part in human growth. Many aspects of…

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