Essay on A Research Study On Human Development

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Case studies are one the earliest methods used to study human development which involves compiling detailed information about an individual, a family, or a community. Case studies employ a variety of techniques, such as interviews, observations, and formal testing to provide the researcher with a complete picture. (Dunn & craig, 2014, p. 21) The Earliest case studies baby biographies took my Charles Darwin, he kept a daily record of his son’s early development, as well as Jean Piaget. Sometimes parent record significant events in their baby’s life in a baby book. Case studies can be time consuming and cost intensive.
Furthermore, Systematic observation involves observing individuals or groups using carefully prescribed guidelines about the exact behaviors that are the focus of study. Naturalistic observation is a method in which researchers go into everyday settings and observe and record behavior without being noticed. Real world behavior is captured. Laboratory observation involves systematic observation of an individual in a setting designed to elicit the behavior of interest. Although Questionnaires and surveys are administered in large groups, surveys asks respondents to answer questions about past, present behavior, preference, etc. Gesell focuses on maturation process. He says children are product of their environment. As babies grow they learn to sit up, to stand, walk and to run. They emerge with the growth of the nervous system which is directed by genes. The…

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