A Research Study On Human Behavior Essay examples

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Humans usually operate in specifics societies. People learn to live together, to accept themselves, to share their cultures and respect each other’s differences. Henslin defines the society as: «consisting of people who share a culture and a territory». Note that individuals live in perpetual change, through the socialization agents which include the family, neighborhood, religion, school, peers, mass media, and the workplace. They form in groups of smaller sizes that the sociologist Charles Cooley called primary group which is defined as: « A small group characterized by intimate, long term, face-to-face association and cooperation » and of larger sizes called secondary group and that when compared to the first one is « A larger, relatively temporally, more anonymous, formal and impersonal group based on some interest or activity». Henslin, after an experience demonstrates "How deeply group size influences our attitudes and behavior: It is even affects our willingness to help one another». Our personality, our emotions, and our internal control are also very important in our lives. They determine the person we are today and the influence we have on the groups in which we operate and vice versa. This is what Henslin called group dynamics: « This term refers to how groups influence us and how we influence groups». We communicate with our peers in different ways. One of these ways is through social networks.
Henslin defines social networks as: « The social ties radiating…

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