A Research Study On Hl 60 Cells Essay

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HL-60 cells are immortal cells, and were derived from a patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia (Collins, 1987). HL- 60 cells require simple maintenance in vitro, and they are multipotent, which means that they are able to form multiple cell types, but are restricted to a specific lineage (Cirtain et al., 2016). HL-60 cell are invaluable as they are useful in science, easy to maintain, easy to differentiate. The HL-60 cell line are useful for studying cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the proliferation and differentiation of normal and leukemic cells of the hematopoietic, or white blood cell lineage (Collins, 1987). Various chemical agents such as PMA and DMSO have been used to induce differentiation via signal transduction in HL-60 cells (Cirtain et al., 2016). PMA is a light colored powder, which is soluble in DMSO and DMSO is a colorless liquid, and is used as a solvent (Cirtain et al., 2016). In this experiment, we are going to observe the changes in HL-60 cellular products, specifically mRNA, when differentiation occurs. The central dogma of the molecular biology is DNA to RNA (transcripiton) and RNA to Protein (translation) (Cirtain et al., 2016). In this experiment we will perform reverse transcription, as RNA is very unstable. We will perform the experiment form mRNA to cDNA. PMA cells produce monocytes while DMSO produce granulocytes. This allows us to examine changes in gene expression following external stimuli exposure to the two ligands due to…

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