Essay about A Research Study On Health Science

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Unlike most people I hear that are in health science, I have not always known that I desired to be in the health science field. This may sound strange since I am applying to a health science school, but I now know that this is what I am most passionate about. When I started high school, we were presented with many PowerPoint’s, slideshows, and quizzes about what we should do when we got out of high school. Even with all these materials, I still was not sure about what I truly wanted to do. This unknowingness leads me to try to find my future a different way. I started to research careers that I had no familiarity with, like a human resource specialist. I also interviewed people in different fields such as business management. Along with this, I took more specific courses such as medical terminology. That is when my door opened to the Health Sciences.
When I took medical terminology I thought it was just another step in my path to find out a possible future. I had no idea that this was it; this is what occupied my attention and now is my primary focus of every day. Before medical terminology, I did not have a very good idea of how the human body worked. This class reintroduced me with my own body and all of its components and functions. Even though this class just scratched the surface of health science, I was ready to dive deeper into the subject. The next class I took that was related to health science was certified nursing assistant class (CNA class). I also got a job at…

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