A Research Study On Health Care Essay

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ANT is not relevant to save lives, which should be the main focus of health care. Agree or disagree? (theoretical). Are there research problems in health care that need methodological appropriation between quantitative and qualitative approaches? (methodological).

The debate conducted today made all of us to have an altogether different experience. It was very systematic and learning was through understanding everyone’s point of view. I felt discussing and debating made us to understand how another individual looks at a particular concept. This learning through others understanding really helped me towards accepting other ideas and not just being rigid about my thought process. To summarize today’s discussion, I will first brief about the theory, followed by how it is applied to healthcare setting and then discuss about the class opinion and what did I conclude from the debate. Actor Network theory: network diagram which defines and designs relationship among non-human and human elements (Primary objects). It defines how these relations develop new objects which may or may not practice the sum of characteristics of fundamental or primary objects.
A man and a gun can form a new object when they are connected in a third object/entity (i.e. a gunman). ANT wants researcher to focus on is the connection that brings the man and the gun together, and thus creates a gunman. A gunman is different from both a man and a gun in the sense that a gunman is able to shoot someone whereas…

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