A Research Study On Health Care / Nursing Database Essay

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Evidence Summary
Within this summary I have one quasi-experimental study (Mohamadirizi, Fahami, & Bahadoran, 2014) at a level three. One cross-sectional study (Grimes et al., 2013) at a level four. One qualitative study (Kraschnewski et al., 2014) at a level six and two expert opinion studies (Pugh & Revell, 2011), (Kvedar, 2014) each at a level seven. The evidence in this summary is based on an organized search of literature within an evidence-based health care/nursing database.
The first summary I will discuss is from Sources of information used by women during pregnancy to meet their information needs (Grimes, Forster, & Newton, 2013). The design of this study is cross-sectional, a postal survey where 752 surveys were sent at four months postpartum.
This study was designed to look at the views, experiences, and health outcomes of the women. The questionnaire contained closed, categorical, and open-ended questions. One section consisted of 15 questions asking about your pregnancy and childbirth; six of those questions were focused on sources of information the women used during their pregnancy, as well as what sources they found to be most beneficial. Three hundred and fifty of the questionnaires were returned showing 70% of the women surveyed used their midwife as their primary source of information while 44% used the Internet and 42% used books as their main source of information. What was interesting in this article was that only 12% of women who see an Obstetrician…

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