A Research Study On Graphic Novels Essay

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Graphic novels could be used as well-thought-out instructional resources that speak to the plethora of knowledge contained in the secondary level English Language Arts classroom, in addition to increasing critical literacy skills that may be connected to today’s graphic culture (Park, 2010). This is especially so for teachers of English language learners, where listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing are all part of the scaffold instructional process. In these cases, graphic novels are used in the secondary classroom for the purpose of enhancing struggling students’ reading comprehension abilities such as inference and critical literacy skills (Chun, 2009). Through the use of graphic novels, students can develop higher cognitive thinking levels, analyze and interpret various media and see an overall reinforcement of necessary literacy skills. At this point in the research process, the viability of using graphic novels in the classroom would benefit from focusing on either a quantitative research design or a qualitative research design. A strong research study on graphic novel use, using the right method, would be beneficial in increasing comprehension of the topic, therefore leading to a more effective way to teach secondary English language learners and struggling readers using this non-traditional literacy resource.
Qualitative Approach Due to the anecdotal nature of classroom based research, a qualitative, as opposed to quantitative, focus would…

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