A Research Study On Eye Gaze And Eye Contact Essay

1119 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
This quantitative study regarding eye gaze and eye contact explains a new and important aspect of nonverbal communication in doctor consultations: the incorporation of technology and electronic health records. According to the study, there are both positive and negative consequences to electronic health records (EHRs), but communication techniques have to adapt in order to make sure the patients are engaged and can build doctor-patient relationships. Each of the authors either works at a university of general internal medicine and research or at a pharmaceutical university, and the study was supported by a clinical science grant that is funded by three different research centers. It is a well-documented and well formulated study who’s results not only highlight specific effects of eye contact in doctor-patient relationships that reinforce the importance of this area in my project, but also adds a new element to eye contact that is both interesting and important in creating my modules.

There are a variety of different nonverbal behaviors and cues involved in doctor-patient encounters. Jacquelyn Crane of General Hospital and Frederick Crane of Northeastern University, both in Boston, Massachusetts, assert the importance of physicians learning about and following these cues both to better their patients understanding, compliance and satisfaction of care as well as protect and improve their own careers. Their article describes the of impact of nonverbal communication on…

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