Essay on A Research Study On Experiential Learning

1264 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Background I received my undergraduate degree in Integrative Studies. Many of the courses that I took stressed the importance of experiential learning. Some of the most memorable lessons of my undergraduate course work came from my integrative studies degree, whether it was watching a supreme court case for Argumentation and Advocacy or visiting a Polyface farm for a general education science credit. These experiences taught me that when you enjoy what you are learning the learning is so much more concrete. I still find myself referencing those educational experiences in my everyday life. Unfortunately, taking my students on regular fieldtrips is not an option. But, using assignment the encourages open ended thinking, choice, and hands on creativity is an option. This understanding is what lead me to focus on utilizing hands on and student centered learning.
Analysis of Research I made my students aware of my research plan and involved them in my progress and plans for data collection. One specific time that students were involved and aware of their involvement was during the collection of the student survey. The student survey which was administered later in the research window than originally planned due to technological limitations, was the most critical piece for measuring student’s perception of the student centered classroom that I had been trying to create. Overall, I was very happy with the results of the student survey. The results showed me that in general…

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