A Research Study On Energy Drinks Essay

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According to Malinauskas, B. M., Aeby, V. G., Overton, R. F., Carpenter-Aeby, T., & Barber-Heidal, K. (2007), 51% of 496 college students surveyed reported drinking greater than one energy drink each month. Since the introduction of Red Bull in Austria in 1987 and in the United States in 1997, the energy drink market has grown exponentially (Reissig, C. J., Strain, E. C., & Griffiths, R. R. (2009)). In the current, many college students think it is safe to drink energy-drinks.
(Reissig et al., 2009) stated, energy drinks are promoted for their stimulant effects and claim to offer a variety of benefits including increased attention, endurance and performance, weight loss, and “having fun, kicking butt and making a difference” (BooKoo website, 2008). This single-subject design study was created to implement an intervention reducing the participant’s energy drinking that impacted her addicting behavior.
The participant has a terrible addiction developed in her undergraduate years. During undergraduate years, she took heavy courses that would up to 18 to 21 credits every semester. She worked as a residential advisor for three years. She did not have a lot of free time. She started her drinking habit and she did not realize how it would effect her health issues later on. After graduation, she liked to have energy drinks that would keep her awake on late nights and stayed out with friends. She loved the taste of red bull brand of energy drinks. Eventually, drinking red bull…

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