Essay on A Research Study On Eating Disorders

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The adolescent period is understood as the phase between puberty and young adulthood. During this stage, both sexes experience intense physical and mental development and additionally they have the challenge of adjusting to a range of societal challenges. During this period of development, various health issues may transpire. This essay will focus primarily on how eating disorders affect both genders during this stage, predominantly in Western societies. The term ‘eating disorder’ is a very comprehensive term, which is further broken down into categories. The content of this essay will cover three of these categories; including Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa also Binge Eating Disorder. Additionally discussed are the benefits of psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavioural theory and how these approaches may be used in relation to the treatment of eating disorders in a therapeutic environment.

While eating disorders are commonly a consequence of many biological, psychological and social factors, it appears that adolescents are the most vulnerable age group for a diverse range of reasons. It can be argued that this is because puberty and the adolescent period is a time of significant physical and behavioural change (Paus et al 2008, pp.947-957). Puberty is a particularly intense phase of profound change that can cause stress and anxiety among both sexes. Many physical changes are occurring during this phase, and the impact of these changes impacts significantly on an…

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