Essay about A Research Study On Diversity Training

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A 2015 psychology study by Homan, Buengeler, Eckhoff, Ginkel, and Voelpel shows positive effects of diversity training in workplaces with nationality diverse teams and poor prior understanding of diversity in the workplace. Large scale immigration trends of Canada, matched with Homan’s findings, suggest domestic firms can positively generate team creativity amongst increasingly diverse firms so long as thorough attention is paid to the backgrounds of workplace teams.

Nationality diversity is almost a given considering Canada’s increasingly diverse workforce. However, Homan finds it is critical to know if team members have prior experience with workplace diversity beliefs. To better predict when Canadian work teams should introduce diversity training, could insights be derived from immigration statistics? Before delving into the data, it’s important to understand the contextual variables Homan’s study brings to light.

Homan’s Findings

Nationality diversity in organizations has been associated with team creativity. Research finding the link between team creativity and nationality diversity is sparse and inconclusive. However, Homan and colleagues have found a roadmap to when diversity training is appropriate at work to improve team creativity. Before signing your team up for the next diversity training session, Homan’s research implies paying attention to your team composition to get the most out of diversity.

Homan’s study of undergraduates at an international German…

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