Essay on A Research Study On Developmental Psychology

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Introduction to the Course
Developmental psychology is the scientific study of how a person changes throughout his or her entire lifespan. Psychologists and other medical professionals study individuals from conception to death and explain why human beings change over the course of their life. Throughout a person’s lifespan, genes and environmental factors are integrated into his/her development. Within developmental psychology, there are multiple branches that contribute to an individual’s developmental lifespan: physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and psychological developments. As psychologists strive to understand a person’s developing lifespan, they use theories to explain an individual’s behavior and to predict future developmental problems.
There are many reasons why it’s crucial for educators to study the pattern of development that applies to all children, despite the fact that all children have their own significant differences in appearance. In a classroom setting, educators are responsible for providing an education and a socializing atmosphere for many children. It is important for a teacher to know how to communicate efficiently and to teach her materials in a certain way for her students to understand them thoroughly. Students are gradually developing, and the way an elementary student and a college student understand materials are different. Likewise, teachers need to know where their students are at in order to efficiently perform age-appropriate…

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