A Research Study On Development Psychology Essay

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When it comes to originally being concerned with infants and children, and within the later time period appointing towards adolescence and the aging; Development psychology becomes the process of the scientific study of progression that analysis the psychological changes that occurs in human beings as they age. This specific type of field examines and overviews a variety of topics that include motor skills and other psycho-physiological processes, problem solving abilities, conceptual understanding, acquisition of language, moral understanding, and identity formation. Indeed, a significant amount of theories within this discipline portray a main focus upon the development during the childhood period, in which is by fact known as the era during an individual’s lifespan where the most changes accumulates. In Development psychology, psychologists study a variety of theoretical areas that goes from biological, social, emotion to the cognitive processes. However, the experimental research in this area of study tends to be dominated by the psychologists that come from Western cultures specified as, North America and Europe even though, most 1980’s Japanese researchers took the valid contribution towards this field. As a matter of fact, it was widely developed that the three main goals developmental psychology are to fulfill is the description, explanation, and to optimize the development (or can be classified as the following terms Baltes, Reese,& Lipsitt that contributed towards…

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