A Research Study On Debridement Project Essay

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Debridement Project

A debridement is a procedure for removing soft and hard deposits on the teeth. It can be either routine cleaning with light deposit, or deep cleaning with heavy plaque.
Routine cleaning is performed regularly in otherwise healthy dentition and gums. During cleaning, plaque and calculus are removed from the crowns of the teeth using hand scalers or ultrasonic scaler. The most common area for plaque to build up is inside of the lower-front teeth and on the outside of the upper molars so hygienist usually focusing on this zones first.
A deep cleaning of teeth is necessary when pockets are present due to periodontal disease. And it’s important to prevent the teeth become loose due to bone loss. If the pockets become too deep, dentist will perform scaling of the root surfaces to remove calculus.

Before treatment may commence, the patient is offered local anaesthesia to prevent pain and put him at ease. Debridement procedure can be painful for people with sensitivity or deep pockets. Also patients who are afraid of the dentist should be administered first with anaesthesia. During the cleaning, hand scalers and ultrasonic scaler are used. The ultrasonic scaler uses and excessive movements and vibrations of the tip to clean the teeth. The movements are so fast that tip has to be constantly cooled by water.
If patient needs deep cleaning, the dentist will usually request 9 weeks review to re-assess the condition of the teeth to see progress of the healing.…

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