A Research Study On Child Weight Change And Development Of Virus -induced Disease

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1. The problem (5points)
These were some observation that was made by Scientists. Mice were observed daily for body weight change and development of virus –induced disease. The observation that onset of intracellular ZIKV RNA production was determined to occur at 10-12 hours pi.Acute neutrophilic was observed at the of onset of virus-induced morbidity. The observation that infected mice developed acute neutrophilic encephalitis with movement impairment and paralysis of the limbs. The observation that the virus replicates in the testicle mice may suggest that the virus can also replicate in human testicle tissue thus explaining sexual transmission.
After read the observation the authors asked these following questions. Even though growing knowledge about this virus, questions remain regarding the virus’s vectors and reservoirs, pathogenesis, genetic diversity, and potential synergistic effects of co-infection with other circulating viruses. These questions highlight the need for research to optimize surveillance, patient management, and public health intervention in the current Zika virus epidemic.

Describe the observations made and questions the authors asked
2. The hypothesis (5points)
The Aedes aegypti mosquito, the primary vector for ZIKV transmission, is expanding in all (sub-) tropical regions of the world and was recently reported to be present in California, USA [25].
State what you believe is the hypothesis of primary article A
3. The abstract section of primary…

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