A Research Study On Child Success Essay

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Ideal parents have a goal they want to achieve with their child. One big goal that parents should want is for their child to be successful. With this, comes a lot of work and time being put in from a parent to their child, but first the parents must know what it takes to raise a successful child. Raising a successful child is not easy and usually it is more genetics or the parents’ success that influences their own child’s success. The first research study that focuses on child success is based on how a Mothers’ expectations for their child influence their education and occupational attainment. In this study, the researchers come to find that Mothers’ have more of an impact on their daughters rather than their sons. Eirini Flouri and Denise Hawkes conducted this research. Both Flouri and Hawkes aimed to understand the role of Mothers’ expectations with their child’s education and occupational attainment, along with knowing how to manage life when they get older into their adult life (Flouri & Hawkes, 2008). The study Flouri and Hawkes did was based on the data from the 1970 British Cohort Study, which was a longitudinal study of children born in April 1970 between 5 and 11 in either England, Scotland, and Wales (Flouri & Hawkes, 2008). The final result of the samples were 1,520 men and 1,765 women (Flouri & Hawkes, 2008). With these sample of men and women they then used specific types of measures which are; Mothers’ expectations for children’s educational…

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