A Research Study On Captive Breeding Essay example

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First of all, captive breeding has saved many species from endangerment and extinction. Many zoos and animal sanctuaries around the world have implicated programs like these, and they have become crucial to the continuation of many wild animal species. In these programs, biologists and zoologists work together to ensure successful breeding. They do this by removing predators from the animal’s life. By doing this, the danger factor is removed, and the species can grow and prosper. These programs are designed simply to develop the population of a species, and their main goal is to release them back into the wild where they can live a normal life. Researcher Julianne Couch comments that captive breeding has not only preserved genetic diversity, but it has saved many species from extinction, and it has helped reintroduce many species into their native ecosystems (Couch). If we did not have these extremely effective programs, some animals that we know today would be extinct. One example is the well-known American bison. As western America was being developed, the American bison suffered greatly; over fifty million had disappeared. Thankfully, efforts from zoos and private reserves have saved this animal from endangerment. If it were not for this breeding program, “We would have lost a part of our heritage” (Maruska). As one can see, captive breeding has been proven successful, and it has saved many other species. Without this extremely valuable program, we might not see as many…

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