A Research Study On Capital Area Head Start Program Pre Kindergarten Classroom

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I had the privilege to observe in a Capital Area Head Start program pre-kindergarten classroom. This was quite an eye-opening, and valuable learning experience because of the level of diversity that goes on in one of these classrooms. Head Start is a federally funded program that aids low socioeconomic status families in giving their children a safe, learning environment up to two years before they go into the public school setting. Capital Area Head Start (1998) mission statement is “to provide a comprehensive child development program, designed to give children a head start in life, so they can succeed at home, school, and in the community.” These classrooms are focused on the whole child; their physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development based on the “Social and Emotional foundations for Early Learning”. In my observations I see all aspects of development and growth occurring based on the daily routines that the teachers and students go through. All the students in the classroom have an equal chance to be interactive, and they all get to make decisions about what they want to do during the day. The way the classroom is set up allows for student-centered learning. Progressivism is used heavily throughout the day, with students deciding where and what they want to learn about through play and experimentation. However, the biggest importance about progressivism being used is that they are focused on the whole child, and the health of the children. The big…

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