A Research Study On Cancer Registries Essay

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The keyword search identified an initial yield of 284 citations. After removing duplicates, the search was reduced to 206 studies. After applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 20 articles were finally reviewed to address the research question.
General Cancer Registry
“Cancer registries are increasingly being recognized as resources for PROMs and for other cancer survivorship studies, as sampling frames or as sources of clinical information when linked to other data sets” (Drummond, Kinnear, Donnelly, O’Leary, O’Brien, Burns, & Sharp, 2015). Patient-reported outcomes are becoming increasingly helpful in helping treat and improve health-related quality of life in cancer patients across the United States. The use of the cancer registries in both the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI) were used in this study to gauge health-related quality of life and psychological well being in prostate cancer treatment patients. Due to the difference in the healthcare systems in both jurisdictions, Drummond et al. had a 6 step process in order to garner the data to make the connections: “(1) securing ethical approval; (2) identifying potentially eligible participants from cancer registries; (3) assessing participant eligibility; (4) questionnaire design; (5) identifying methods to maximize survey response and (6) linkage of questionnaire and cancer registry data.” The study’s main goal was to collect questionnaires related to the treatment of prostrate…

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