A Research Study On Breast Cancer Ribbon Essay

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For my project, I chose to make an illustration. In the picture I have a breast cancer ribbon, a pot of boiling water, a prokaryote, a chromosome, a pedigree, and a factory to represent human impact, a flower to represent photosynthesis, a food chain, an energy pyramid, an embryo, humans evolving, a biomolecules chart, and the phases of mitosis. I drew a breast cancer ribbon because we talked about different types of cancer. There are many factors that go into the diagnosis of cancer. A lot of the cancers have the same risk factors, such a nutrition and smoking. Family history plays some of a role as a risk factor, but not as big of a factor. A lot of cancer treatments are the same, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Sometimes surgery is needed to help cure the cancer. The cancer cells keep dividing and growing and it will eventually lead to death if you don’t get proper treatment. There are many different types of cancer. I drew a boiling pot of water to represent the importance of water. Water is important for many causes. Water is transported through cells by osmosis. Osmosis is the diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane. Water moves through cells by passive transport, facilitated diffusion, or active transport. Water moves from low solute to high solute. Water is important for cells and organisms. I drew a prokaryote to represent the different types of cells. Prokaryotes are the simplest cells and includes bacteria. Prokaryotes are divided by…

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