A Research Study On Behavior Management Essay

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Behaviour management are relevant issues for every teacher, as I was also trying to build good relationships within a short period of time, I needed to find the balance between the two (Larrivee, 2009). Showing a strength in recognising what strategies to use and when were significant in reaching my desired responses. Children are very reactive, either in a negative or positive manner, to the ways teachers respond to them. Therefore, choosing the right tone and method in each circumstance will promote a favourable outcome (The Australian Council for Educational Research, 2008). Following on from my mentor teacher’s behavioural strategies worked for a while, however, I began to notice that the students were not responding to me as much as her during the second week. I used my initiative and researched some behaviour management strategies and found one called beat the teacher. This worked amazingly well due to them being encouraged and enthused by its fun aspects. This incentive approach makes the reward available to every student and encourages peer support (Barry & King, 2003). Next time I would like to know their names sooner as I feel this impacted on managing behaviour. Knowing their names as quickly as possible shows them that you know they are present and that they are important and valued (Barry & King, 2003). Their name tags were often falling off their desks or were not there at all; I should have offered to make some new ones.

Another strength was catering to the…

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