A Research Study On Banding Owls Essay

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The main goal of the project was to take measurements and band un-banded Boreal and Northern Saw-whet Owls at the Beaverhill Bird Observatory (BBO) located near Tofield. The bands are lightweight and contain a 9-digit number that is unique to North America. They are placed around the leg of the bird. Banding owls is an incredible experience that is conducted to keep an eye on owl populations. In addition, repetitive banding efforts allow owl populations to be compared (Grigg 1991). Conservation biologists can look-up currently banded owls and find information about where and when it was banded and how it has changed. “Measurements taken include weight, natural and flattened wing chord, and tail length.”(USF&WS 1977)” (Grigg 1991). Our objective of this specific program was to pin-point when the owls, specifically the Northern Saw-whet Owl, travel through the area in their fall migration and to determine the size of the population. (Beaverhill Bird Observatory: Northern Saw-whet Owl fall migration-monitoring program [cited 2016])
Citizen Science:
Citizen science, like this program, is needed to educate the public and volunteers on conservation efforts encouraging personal connections to wildlife and their ecosystem. The BBO seeks the aid of volunteers by reaching out through their website, word of mouth, and collaboration with other organizations (Beaverhill Bird Observatory: About Beaverhill Bird Observatory [cited 2016]). A great example of this is collaboration with the…

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