A Research Study On Animal Testing Essay

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Animal testing has been around for a long time with some unpleasant history. With the expertise in technology not being as advanced and innovative as it is today with using other alternative methods, scientists had tested their theories on animals. Animals used in research experiments go back to the early Greek physician scientists such as Aristotle, Erasistratus and Galen. Galen practiced in Rome, where he conducted animal experiments to develop the understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. An Arab physician in the 12th century Moorish Spain also engaged in animal research carrying out certain tests. Spain used these experiments on animals for surgical procedures before applying them to human patients. The testing of animals took place to study new medicines, surgery techniques and cosmetics. These studies helped advance the medications found in the 20th century, such as insulin, the polio vaccine and penicillin. In addition to these new treatments, they have also helped with finding the cure that would eliminate smallpox.
Animals have been suffering at the hands of humans for millions of years through these kinds of tests. Consequently, they have been exploited and abused by research facilities and cosmetic companies all across the world. Despite the fact that humans have profited from some of these tests, the pain, the suffering, and the deaths of all the animals affected are not worth the potential human benefits.…

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