A Research Study On Alcohol Dependence And Misuse Of A Person With Addictions Presenting At The Emergency Department

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The aim of this assignment is to explore missed opportunities and to enhance the support offered to a person with addictions presenting at the emergency department. This essay will concentrate on alcohol dependence and misuse with the emphasis on brief intervention and referral on to specialist services to begin the road to recovery.
The Word Health Organisation attributed alcohol misuse to a staggering 2.5 million deaths worldwide and as a result of this, rating alcohol the third contributor of disease of the human race (World Health Organisation., 2010). Notably, in 2014 there were 8,697 deaths in the United Kingdom which were alcohol related with Scotland having the highest cases (Statistics. 2016).
The characteristic of alcohol impact on behaviour and cognition which is also a sign of illicit substance misuse but, culturally alcohol is not seen as a drug (Seligman et. al., 2001). In large doses, it gives a similar effect on the brain as sedative medications of either prescribed or illicit, acting as a depressant on the central nervous system (Matthew et. al., 2012).
Over the years there has been an increase of affordable alcohol sales in the United Kingdom with the localisation of large supermarkets, their own brands and reduced price or special offers on alcohol (Holden et. al., 2012). For less than £5 the recommended daily units of alcohol can be exceeded and alcohol is more affordable now than twenty five years ago (Government et. Al., 2015). The strain…

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