Essay on A Research Study On Aerobic Exercise

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We collected data from a sample of undergraduate students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The students were all in an upper division course titled Research Methods in Psychology. The participants were between the ages of 18 to 32, with a mean age of 20.99 years and a standard deviation of 1.82 years. Out of the 208 students that we collected data from, 80 were male and 128 were female. In terms of class year, one was a freshman, four were sophomores, 98 were juniors and 105 were seniors. The participants were not compensated for taking part in the study, however, students were required to partake in the voluntary study for their psychology class.
We created a questionnaire with a series of questions relating to the amount of time each participant spent on aerobic exercise a week and how much social pressure the participant dealt with in relation to aerobic exercise. We conducted this correlational study to look at the relationship between our independent variable, perceived social pressure and our dependent variable, the amount of time the participant spent on aerobic exercise.
The first three questions of our survey evaluated demographic information of the participants, including gender, age, and year in school. Additionally, the subjects utilized a seven-point Likert scale (1 = Strongly Disagree to 7 = Strongly Agree) to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with the following statements: “Most of my…

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