A Research Study On Aboriginal Studies Essay

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Aboriginal Studies is something challenging to provide a perfect introduction of. It encompasses knowledge from fields as diverse as anthropology, sociology, history, and religious studies. It is contentious academic field that raises both difficult political and academic questions: can non-Aboriginal researchers properly engage its study? Can Western methods of observation, analysis, and teaching be applied to artifacts, knowledge and societies inherently different from Western conceptions (Patrick 2013: 1398)? Here at Queen 's, the course is categorised under Global Development Studies; should the class be primarily concerned about development – such as the improving of the quality of lives and promoting political representation of Aboriginal people? Regardless of these difficult questions, like in any course, we do need to start somewhere, in some way to begin the exploration of this field of study. Thus, it is important to find the best method to do so. To discuss what I see as the best method of introduction, in this essay, I will first provide a brief overview of the course materials covered so far and my understanding of their significance. Then, I will discuss the areas and topics I personally find useful or valuable and those that are lacking or unclear. Finally, I will explore what can be modified to address these issues, focusing on possible creative or non-traditional methods of instruction. This will lead to my main argument that while the introduction to this…

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