A Research Study Analysis Of Ibm Essay

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Team Introduction Team D is a virtual team of competent members who come together with the objectives to develop and implement strategies to help them successfully complete this case study analysis of IBM. Over the next three weeks, we use our variety of talent, skills and knowledge to meet our goals by contributing said strengths and skills in an effort to thoroughly complete the weekly assigned tasks. Every member on our team understands the vital roles we play and are committed to the success of Team D. Team D consists of Brenda Barlow, Robert Bermudez, Janese Canto, Tyechia Crowder and Lamyeia Fields. Our team is composed of optimistic and energetic individuals from diverse backgrounds with extensive leadership or management experience. All are committed to their work, their families, school and to each other for the completion of the weekly goals. Our primary group styles are participative and collaborative. To that end, functioning roles will vary in relation to the weekly tasks. This will allow our team to have an opportunity to act in a leadership capacity thereby demonstrating and strengthen their leadership skills. We are engaged learners and responsible teammates. We will hold each other accountable and communicate as outlined in this charter. Together we will strive for academic excellence, team cohesiveness, and thoughtful collaboration to the completion of the IBM case study material and research assignment requirements.
Team Biographies
Robert Bermudez.…

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