A Research Proposal On Correlative Factors Of Religiosity Essay

1156 Words May 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Over the course of the quarter and the several papers I have written, there appears to be some change in my approach to writing more analytical papers and my style in general. With the syllabus describing the course goals as being able to write a research paper, follow academic research tradition, find and use relevant sources, and apply the rhetoric situation of the research to the paper, there was a vary broad area for improvement. Though I had had some previous applications of these ideas in other paper I have written, mainly other research papers, the extent of my knowledge was still relatively minor.
The first paper I have included is a research proposal on the topic of correlative factors of religiosity. In this paper, we were tasked with introducing a topic and exploring it in some depth. The research was then used to formulate a hypothesis, or multiple hypotheses. From these hypotheses, we decided on a general question that would be researched more in depth. Along with this, we were required to give areas of research that may have been relevant to the topic. For my paper I chose to research the correlative factors of religiosity such as age, race, and gender. From the preliminary research, I hypothesized that there was a positive correlation between religiosity and political conservatism, religiosity and older age, religiosity and lower levels of education, and religiosity and lower socioeconomic success. There was also the hypothesis that there existed a negative…

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