A Research Proposal On Advertisements Essay

1016 Words Jan 31st, 2016 5 Pages
Vanessa Heredia
Jennifer Huerta
31 January 2016
Research Proposal Advertisements exist in our day-to-day lives each and every day whether we are consciously or unconsciously aware of them and their effects on our perceptions and consumption of their products and the messages surrounding them. They have been a part of visual culture since somebody first attempted to market a product to someone else and can date as far back as ancient wall paintings for commercial advertising as 4000 BC. Given that men and women differ in various ways, their personal portrayal in the various advertisements around the world in our every day lives as a result is not surprising. Many advertisements are gender specific, meaning they are specifically geared towards specific identities and the individuals most likely to buy such products. However, with such advertisements can also come the portrayal and imagery of men and women that may be stereotypical or in other ways problematic. One theory on stereotypical views is that they originate from the continual exposure of consumers to patterns of imagery and portrayal. In other words, stereotypes have the ability to rise from constant exposure to specific portrayals of individuals whether they stem from reality or not. When considering such acquisitions concerning stereotypical views, one can review the Coca Cola Zero advertisements in U.S. and Asian areas and the individuals buying and accepting the presented ideas. Coke Zero, a sugarless…

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