Essay on A Research Project With A Mini Proposal

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Outlining a Research Project with a Mini-Proposal
The People’s Republic of China has invested a great amount of effort and treasure to ensure that their children take advantage of the opens doors in the world today. Because parental involvement is so highly esteemed in China, mothers and fathers insist that their children and their schools afford their students the best academic chances available today, in the global world system (Song, 2010). Accordingly, there has been a steady introduction of international educational programs working within local Chinese high schools throughout the nation. Such endeavors prepare Chinese students to pass the various exams that will grant them acceptance into an America university and legally acceptable to study in the United States. Nevertheless, there is compelling evidence that cultural and academic training helps to lighten a lot of the stress caused by living and studying in a land other than one’s own (Gu, 2011; Gu & Schweisfurth, 2006; Murphy-Lejeune, 2003). Regrettably, the international program organizations in China are very often unresponsive to the cultural and academic distinctions Chinese international students inevitably experience after commencing their real studies abroad.
Purpose of the Study
All proposals of any length should always demonstrate that a considerable, rectifiable situation or that required action exists. In addition, in their proposal, the researcher must demonstrate that a projected study does have the…

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