A Research Project Over Angola A Nation Known For Its Oil Production

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I choose to do my research project over Angola a nation known for its oil production. “Angola lies on the southwest coast of Africa and includes the small enclave of Cabinda, which is separated from the rest of the country by the Democratic Republic of Congo. A country of contrasts, Angola has a semi-arid climate in the south and along the narrow coastal strip to the capital of Luanda; by contrast, the northern plateau experiences dry, cooler weather that occasionally produces freezing temperatures, and the Mayombe forest area of Cabinda receives the most rainfall, 150-180 centimeters per year, although the northern plateau, the eastern Lunda district and the central plateau see almost as much rain as Mayombe. Angola’s rich natural resources include fertile agricultural land, large petroleum reserves, diamonds, and iron ore, as well as smaller deposits of phosphates, copper, feldspar, gold, bauxite, and uranium. During January, the capital, Luanda, which lies on the northwest coast, averages low temperatures of 23°C, high temperatures of 28°C, and receives an average of three days of significant precipitation; during July, its average low and high temperatures are 18°C and 23°C respectively, and it receives an average of less than one day of significant precipitation.”
Angola or officially known as the Republic of Angola is more than three times the size of present day California. The southwestern African country is a land encompassed with deserts and hardwood forests.…

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