A Research Project On The Hawala System Essay

1730 Words Nov 28th, 2016 7 Pages
In this research paper I will portray and focus on the hawala system. The general outline of this paper is as follows: a description of the hawala system; why certain terrorist groups use the system; which terrorist organizations use the system how it can be advantageous for terrorist groups to use; the relevance of the system; what the counterterrorism implications are for the United States in regards to the hawala system.
What is the hawala system? The hawala system is a way for individuals to channel money. Unfortunately, terrorists will often use this system to move money around. Terrorist organizations that are financially destitute are unlikely to perform well. They are unlikely to thrive. They are unlikely to be able to coordinate and conduct attacks on various targets. Therefore, they need money. By the channeling of money underground, the hawala system helps provide many terrorist groups the much needed funds that assist in keeping their operations alive. N.S. Jamwal states “terrorist groups need money to motivate people to join their activities, to procure materials like arms and ammunition and to keep their network going”. The hawala is system is an informal way for people to transfer money. The hawala system is not terribly complex or convoluted. It is a fairly straight-forward avenue for people to transfer funds.
The system is a way for people to transfer money with relative ease. Unfortunately, there are terrorists both in the United States and abroad that…

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