A Research Project On Cannabis Plants Producing Male Flowers After Treatment With Colloidal Silver ( Cs )

1314 Words Sep 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Literature published in the 1970’s document dioecious female Cannabis plants producing male flowers after treatment with colloidal silver (CS) during the flowering period (Sarath, 1979). While Van Der Straeten describes CS counteracting ethylene, a biosynthetic chemical expressed in female flowers, the gene expression changes from this treatment were not discussed (1991). What differential RNA expression occurs when transitioning female flowers to male flowers through CS treatment on Cannabis? My entire honor’s thesis will be performed in The Kane Lab using RNA donated from Skinny Pineapple LLC that will be prepared, sequenced, and analyzed on campus. This project will help better understand Cannabis’s gene expression patterns during vegetative and flowering periods, as well as the genes involved in stress response and sexual differentiation. This will accomplish The Kane Lab’s goal by better understanding the genome and evolution of Cannabis through understanding the gene expression over these multiple time points. Furthermore, my project is only the beginning of the analysis of this data since having the complete gene expression profile for these samples is extremely beneficial to future breeders, gnomists and biologists. Later analysis is planned within a colleague’s PhD dissertation through further data collection on more time points and performing a different analysis. This research overall will benefit Cannabis research in general since it’s essential to understand…

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