Essay on A Research Project : Nearing The End Of Rowing Season

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When I embarked on my research project it was nearing the end of rowing season. I was training seven times a week in preparation for the Head of the River Competition. My interest in the health benefits of exercise led me to look at previous research and the current literature regarding the health outcomes of exercise. I knew in my own mind how I had personally benefitted from exercise however I intended to extend my knowledge about why I was feeling mentally stronger and more resilient. This personal journey prompted me to look at other young people and whether there were any distinct differences between girls and boys in their exercise patterns and their attitudes towards exercise. The industry experts I interviewed confirmed there was a link between the effects of exercise with neurological and physical outcomes. A number of key findings supported this idea. The quantitative data conjugated from the peer survey, gave me a good indication that an increasing number of youth are not as active as they should be, even though the benefits of exercise are well publicised.
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Research processes:
Completing a mind map assisted in clarifying my thoughts in relation to how I would go about the research process. I was eager to interview experts in the field of exercise and health. Data from peers was collected via a survey using survey monkey, which added beneficial data to answer my research question regarding the exercise patterns of Generation Y. This data was useful…

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