A Research Process Document On The Public Library Essay

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Part A: Research Process Document
Patrons of all ages who enjoy playing video games on the public computers want to know when the library will begin hosting gaming tournaments or other video game related programs. The purpose of this document is to research databases for peer reviewed resources directly related to this inquiry, document and develop ideas, compile relevant information, and create a subject directory of resources. These resources will assist patrons, staff members and other interested individuals or groups with quality resources that support the design, promotion and presentation of universally accessible technology related programs within the public library setting.
Research for this directory was conducted through the Thomas Cooper Library electronic resources section entitled Articles and Databases. The subject area searched was Library and Information Science and the databases utilized include Library Literature & Information Science Full Text, Library and Information Science Abstracts [LISA] and Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts [LISTA] with Full Text. In addition, the Spartanburg County Public Libraries (SCPL) offers a wide range of free databases through Discus for patrons to access from inside and outside the library with a SCPL library card. Resources considered for evaluation must meet the following criteria in order to be evaluated for relevance: scholarly peer reviewed journals written in the English…

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