A Research On The Environment Essay

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This group had great cooperation and compatibility together. They understood what their goal was. There was no real issue other than we agreed that they ought to have done more research before the meeting. We communicated exceptionally well with each other allowing one individual to speak and raise their conclusion and agreed on a financial plan that was functional and safe for the playground. The leader was great at helping us stay on task and remembering what 's best to achieve the goal

• Can you identify constructive or deconstructive conflict occurring in this group? What are some key indicators? What conflict styles do you see? the conflict we saw was constructive. They made sense of what they wanted the financial backing to be and how to start raising the stores. Each part identifies with give a conclusion on how they would help reach the group 's goal and they bargained according to better suit the goal. Key indicators are the communication and cooperation between each group part. It was important to give feedback and generate ideas to think of the monetary allowance or how to raise stores. They had a collaborating style of attempting to pool each other 's ideas to reach a typical goal for the playground. They each had a feeling of what they thought the goal ought to be for the monetary allowance or how to raise the trusts and agreed to what was the best result for the goal
• Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this situation differently?

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