A Research On The Causes Of Homelessness Essay

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I have conducted my research on the causes of homelessness, how it affects a person’s health, and what resources are in the world to help those in need. After this research, I will know how a person becomes homeless and how much their state of living can potentially hurt them, but what next? I would love to do something with this information, fortunately I currently have the chance to in my community project placement. Giving the homeless or those in poverty access to many resources that could potentially help them, I believe, is the key to ending homelessness. My job at the Community Empowerment Fund in Chapel Hill is updating their resource database, so all of their clients have access to the most recent and newest resources. Together, we must help the homeless out of poverty.
Homelessness has been an issue in the United States since colonial America. Beginning in 1640, the homeless were seen as outliers in society. They were labeled as “Sturdy Beggars” and could be found in mass amounts in many colonial towns such as Baltimore and Philadelphia which both had high rates of homelessness (History). Much of the homelessness during this time period was caused by the King Phillip War of 1675-1676. This war between the English and the Native Americans forced families out of their homes and into poor refugee situations. The American Revolution also produced very high rates of homelessness due to the loss of many vital needs during the war. Cities continued to be filled with…

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