A Research On Stem Cell Research Essay

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Introduction There has been a race for a cure or treatment for human cells that have been destroyed or damaged. Every part of the human body should consist of cells specialized to work and function in their location, such as, the heart cells that make up and keep our heart working in its functioning form. With a lack of healthy cells the probability of diseases and conditions emerges. Stem cell research was introduced to combat these issues and was coined in 1908 by Alexander Maximow during a conference of a hematological society. Maximow hypothesized the existence of stem cells and went further on to discover that a precursor cell in the mesenchyme formed to become a variety of blood cells. The distinguishable discovery of the manipulative use of stem cells was noted when a bone marrow transplant was a success. Over time, stem cells were found being dormant in many parts of the body but predominantly found in embryos. With the continuation of advance research of embryonic stem cells, the public was informed that a potential embryo’s life was at stake, leading to regulations and ethical policies set in place that limited the use of stem cells.

Current/Potential Uses: In an overall sense, Stem cell research was introduced for the benefit of a human to get its cells repaired and supplied as a treatment. Beginning with the embryonic stem cells, researchers want to explore the potential of using embryonic stem cells to gain better knowledge of/and treat diseases. Unlike…

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