Essay about A Research On Stem Cell Research

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Biological ideas - Describing and explaining the biological ideas related to the question or purpose by making multiple links between relevant biological ideas.
What are stem cells?

Stem cells are an undifferentiated cell that are from the same family. Stem cells take the place of cells that have died or are lost. Stem cells have the ability to renew and repair the body 's tissue, unlike mature cells that a permanently going to stay the same, stem cells are not only able to renew themselves, but can create into a completely new cell.

Embryonic Stem Cells
Embryonic stem cells are cells that are at the very early stage of being an embryo, also known as pluripotent cells
A stem cell is an immature cell that has the capability of becoming a new and different cell in the body
Embryonic stem cells are newly fertilized eggs, being able to become any cell in the body
An overview of stem cell research
Stem cell research is an investigation on basic cells that can be used for many things such as curing diseases. These cells are grown in special laboratories with tests that are carried out to investigate the properties and purposes of the cells and how they can be used or if they are even useful.
There is a lot of debate over stem cell research and if it is really necessary and ethical issues. In recent years, stem cell research and its methods have mainly focused on Embryonic Stem cells, this is because taking research and studying the embryos is easier and more reliable than…

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