A Research On Robotic Technology Essay

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III. Discussion
Robotic technology, in general, brings both opportunities and challenges. Some people are optimistic about them while others are skeptic – some are even fearful of how they will affect humanity’s future.
Broadly speaking, robots aid in industries to make jobs faster and easier. Nowadays, one can find robots working in factories to aid in the manufacturing process like in car plants or in warehouses like that of Amazon’s Kiva robots. The military also utilizes robots for surveillance and search and rescue. Additionally, there are several robots that have been deployed to outer space to observe and gather data before astronauts are sent. The International Space Station has a Robonaut, a robot that was created by NASA with the primary purpose of doing the repairs. Robots have also been deployed under the sea to get information regarding ocean currents and temperature and maps of the ocean floor. The medical profession has also started using robots in surgeries (Shulman & Buckley, 2014, pp. 38–89).
On a library setting, some libraries have opened their doors to robots that can either interact with patrons or patrons can experiment with. This presents chances for the community to “get to know” this new technology and learn more about them. Furthermore, as many library robots now are designed to teach programming, this would be good opportunities to study how robots work.
Staff and Technical Knowledge
The library technician plays an important role if the library…

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