A Research On Peer Victimization And Bullying Essay

702 Words Nov 1st, 2016 3 Pages
To start looking for my research, I went straight to Ebscohost. I knew that I would be able to find academic articles that would benefit my project. I used Academic Search Elite, Eric, and PsycArticles as I did my searching to make sure the results were relevant and on topic. I also added a filter to make all the results be from the last 10 years. This ensured that I would have the most recent information so that I have all the facts. In order to find my first source, I searched “students with autism being mainstreamed” into Ebscohost. I looked through a number of articles and academic journals before finding one that really stuck out about peer victimization and bullying. This piece discussed how students with autism may be bullied or discriminated by their peers which may have an effect on their educational experience and progress. I considered this to be a helpful piece in presenting a strong argument against inclusive education. Using the same search as the one I found the previous article with, I found an article about the positive psychological outcomes for students with autism who are mainstreamed. This, unlike the last source present a strong argument for the opposite side; pro-inclusive education. It was interesting to see how the same search was able to produce two completely different perspectives on this highly debated issue. At first I thought this search would be too specific because it was rather lengthy and it didn’t leave much room for open…

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