Essay on A Research On John Singer Sargent

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I chose to continue my research on John Singer Sargent for my final paper because of his strong interest in the female image. I wanted to know why Sargent chose women as his main subjects. His works include women of high social class, children of the wealthy and political figures. He also did painting of women in lower classes that he came in contact with in Venice, Capri, Spain and Africa. In this essay I will be discussing his works, the history of the paintings and the meaning behind the women in the paintings.

John Singer Sargent was born 1856 in Florence, Italy. He had 2 sisters; he was close to both of them and often took piano and dance classes together. (The secret life of John Singer Sargent, Telegraph). Sargent was always interested in art. When he was 18 years old he studied at the atelier of painter Charles Auguste Emile Carolus-Duran In Paris. Seargent’s classmates only had great things to say. In 1874 one of his classmates (who is not referenced) said the following:
“I met this last week a young Mr. Sargent about 18 years old and one of the most talented fellows I have ever come across; his drawings are like old masters, and his colors are equally fine… Such men wake one up, and as his principles are equal to his talents, I hope to have his friendship.”

During his time at the Atelier he was taught not to prepare with sketches or drawings for his work. To go along with his teachings Charles Auguste stated:

“The emphasis was on capturing the flow of light…

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