A Research On Genetic And Biological Engineering Essay

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Genetic and Biological engineering are just a few of the plethora of types of engineering that are rapidly evolving and expanding their horizons. Many advancements have been made in the field, and the community is divided when it comes to the issue of whether or not we should use such technology, or what the limits of the technology should be. It is imperative to find a solution to this issue or to create regulations, because everyone currently does not agree on what should be done about the issue, and this could very much morph into a dangerous situation. Many researchers and scientists use their research to formulate their opinions and to persuade the general public, while human rights activists use their beliefs, emotions, and possible scenarios to persuade others. Bioethicist Paul Root Wolfe is well-known as well as well-respected in his field, and he encourages the audience to consider bio-engineering along with its current uses through his TED talk, “It’s Time to Question Bio-Engineering”. Wolpe effectively utilizes logos and ethos to persuade the audience of the fact that we need to rethink our decision to use bio-engineering considering its current uses, and the possibilities for use in humans. Wolpe also uses his experiences and knowledge about the audience to further persuade the audience of his claim. Wolpe immediately begins to create the rhetorical situation by informing the audience that he wants to “talk about what is happening now in our scientific,…

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