Essay about A Research On Dumpster Divers

1211 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Dog perfume, microwaveable pillows, and pet rocks; these seemingly pointless products all have generated millions from their inventors. These hard-to-believe success stories hold the same average acknowledgment as those who seek benefits from a dumpster. People may only hear of dumpster diving while surfing the internet or eavesdropping a coffee shop conversation. However the curiosity will die too quickly, reality kicks in, and most will refuse to seek any further information on such a shameful and unheard of activity. As for the ones who eavesdropped in, read desperately to avoid boredom, or needed research on an english paper — an entirely new perspective has been introduced. The thought-provoking stories of two dedicated dumpster divers has sparked controversial opinions among readers, causing varying responses of inspiration, pity and curiosity. Aside from the judgements of society; it is agreeable that Lars Eighner and Matt Malone exemplify pure forms of life innovation. Even with a shared desire for rummaging through dumpsters, Malone and Eighner hold entirely opposing mindsets; both of which could open the eyes of those who only know success in its most generic form. Lars Eighner begins by introducing himself specifically as a scavenger, dissociating him and his K9 companion from the labeled dumpster divers. Eighner tells his experiences searching through the trash in a step-by-step manner, informing the reader on how to practically identify food as harmful, or…

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